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Blast off into an unforgettable reading adventure!

WORD Force is a reading adventure for 5-8 year olds, available to families across the United States at no cost. WORD Force is a collection of 15 free interactive digital games that help children develop a strong foundation in key reading skills.

Truist, a purpose-driven financial services company, sponsors WORD Force. Truist is a bank that cares.

Join the thousands of families who use WORD Force to help improve their children’s reading skills!

Making learning to read a joyful experience

With fun characters and a creative “save the world” storyline, learners of all abilities feel empowered and, more importantly, joyful along their literacy journey.

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Helping children practice reading skills while having fun

WORD Force offers opportunities for children to learn and practice skills for early reading. As the commander of the WORD Force, a motley group of superheroes, children will develop strong foundational reading skills.

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A sneak peek at the learning experience

Beginning and ending sounds

This game will help children gain confidence in identifying words that have the same beginning or ending sound.


This game will help children feel confident in identifying rhyming pairs.

Letter sounds

This game will help children gain confidence in matching sounds with their letter representations.


This game will help children learn to spell phonetically-regular words such as cap and hug.

Phonemic Awareness

This game helps children to develop phonemic awareness skills by listening to words segmented into phonemes (/b/ /a/ /t/) and matching the segmented sounds with the corresponding word.


This game will help children develop knowledge of Tier II vocabulary words by being taught new words and then matching the new vocabulary words to appropriate pictorial representations of the words.

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